Nano Face Lifting Mist

Nano Face Lifting Mist (Needleless), a very effective treatment using stem cell conditioned media and APL-Pro Technology with needleless application delivers into dermis layer of skin allows rapid cell self regeneration, increase collagen and elastin production by our own.

Face Lifting & Firming of Skin

Reduce Fine Line and Wrinkle

Reduce Dark Spot and Pigmentation

Visible Eyebags Reduction

Skin analysis and consultation before procedure.

Lymphatic drainage – Pleasant and relaxing air massage detoxifying the skin, stimulating micro-circulation.

Intensive mist application to stimulate cell growth and moisture skin cells.

Needleless and painless dermis layer application with ampoule (APL – Pro Nanoparticles)

Review immediately after treatment. If you are not satisfied with the result, fee for the first trial ($38) will be waived.

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