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Artisan Misty Brow

Senior: Ala carte $1288.00 | Member $1088.00

Director: Ala carte $1488.00 | Member $1288.00

120 mins

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This Korean technique is popular amongst the younger beauty-conscious, k-pop loving generation, especially those looking for ways to maintain a youthful look.

In this technique, the beautician creates softer brows by using different pointer needles to create micro dots around the eyebrow areas.
This procedure is perfect for people who are scared of trying out the microblading technique.

With Misty brow, you don’t have to worry about shaping or getting your eyebrows done right daily. It gives you the shape you want effortlessly and its results are semi-permanent.

Getting the misty brow treatment will definitely cut your makeup ritual time in half and give you even better results than manual eyebrow shaping.
All you have to do is just wake up to beautiful brows every day.


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