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Senior: Ala carte $1588.00 | Member $1288.00

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120 mins

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Combi brow combines misty brow and 6HD techniques to achieve a softer and natural blend of microblading while ensuring that no gaps are created between the strokes. The final look mimics full, powdered natural eyebrows.

The beauty of the combi brow technique is that its effects are longer lasting than ordinary microblading (because of the shading technique included in the process)

Creative eyebrow embroidery is the first generation technique that is used to create defined eyebrows that are fully filled in with pigments of the same consistency. The result is a stronger pigmented brow. This technique is older than the other semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery techniques that are common today. It is also relatively cheaper than the other techniques.

This is a great choice for people who love strong and distinct brow features. For people who want eyebrows embroidery that last longer than 1 or 2 years, this is something that they would definitely love.

Under the combi brow technique, the brows are made to look natural, fuller and made up. Combi eyebrow technique combines the stroking method of microblading (which creates little hairs for a soft natural look) and shading (which gives your eyebrows the makeup look that you desire).

If you want a more polished, high fashion version of your current eyebrows, then the 6HD eyebrow embroidery technique is definitely for you.


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