CSR Microdermabrasion Treatment



With the passage of time, wrinkles are increased due to the normal facial expression that causes delicate muscle contraction. CSR Microdermabrasion Treatment corrects the facial lines by de-contracting the skin with the help of the treatment, which at the same time stimulates cellular regeneration.

It clears dead skin cells and tightens up open pores for that refreshing clean feeling to end a hard day of work.

Perfect for:

Oily Skin
Congestion Skin
Acne Skin
Aging Skin
Fine Lines

Phase 1: Cleanse

Remove traces of oils and impurities.

Phase 2: Repair

Exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells.

Phase 3: Stimulation

Using High Frequency to stimulate, sanitize and heal the skin after extraction.

Phase 4: Grooming

Trim the excess length and even out of the eyebrow hairs and plucking according to it natural shape.

Phase 5: Effleurage

Gently face massage with effleurage strokes to warm up the muscle before deep tissue work.

Phase 6: Relax

Applying mild pressure massage to release the tension of the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Phase 7: Booster

Ampoule is the supercharged serum with high concentrations of active ingredients for the face. Use as a booster for the skin. Strengthening skin immunity and boost cell regeneration.

Phase 8: Restore

Face restoring with mask.

Phase 9: Protect

Moisturizing the eye and face upon completion.

Phase 10: Final Touch

Complete with Sun Screen protection against the harmful UV rays.


Reducing Fine lines
Scars lightening
Pores Purifying
$198.00| 120 mins (First Trial $158.00)


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