Adjust your brows to match your face shape

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Adjust your brows to match your face shape.

brows match with face

Working with the natural shape of your face, you can look younger and more ravishing if you simply adjust your brows to match your face. You’ll need to figure out what shape that is first before making the adjustment.

 Square face

If your jaw is square in shape, offsetting it with softened brows is critical to symmetrical perfection. They should be rounded but not so much that they resemble rainbows. The key here is balancing to add a little softness to your features for a more feminine look.

Round face

Conversely, if your face is round, your brows should be angular to offset the roundness. Angled brows help draw out your natural bone structure. Shaping your brows to have a high arch will best flatter your face.

Long face

If your face appears very vertical, you have a long face. The tails of your brows should extend out further to add a horizontal element to your face, bringing in the balance. Be forewarned though that shaping here can be difficult because if you extend it out too far, you’ll wind up with a droopy-eyed look.

Heart face

Another face shape to be delicate with, the heart-shaped face has some challenges because this face has a smaller chin. The shape should be controlled without being too thick or too thin. Tight brows will keep balance so that your face looks even without being top-heavy.

Oval face

If you’re lucky, you’ve got an oval face which means classic brows are the best way to accentuate your eyes. It’s hard to mess up shaping brows on an oval-shaped face.

Not sure what shape your face is?

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