Which eyebrow embroidery is best for your face or style?

korea eyebrow embroidery

Fast and effective with eyebrow embroidery

For people who are used to (and tired of!) putting in a lot of time, money and effort into preening, tweezing, shaping and crafting eyebrows daily, eyebrow embroidery is a whole new concept and many wonder what the fuss is all about. Eyebrow embroidery is a fun way to glam up your face and adds spice to your everyday look.

Hassle Free with eyebrow embroidery
Beyond this, eyebrow embroidery is the go-to option for people who have little free time on their hands (busy executives, moms, etc.) Getting embroidered eyebrows means getting more done on time without running the risk of dealing with frazzled looking eyebrows.

Misty brow
This Korean technique is popular amongst the younger beauty-conscious, k-pop loving generation, especially those looking for ways to maintain a youthful look. In this technique. The beautician creates softer brows by using different pointer needles to create micro dots around the eyebrow areas. This procedure is perfect for people who are scared of trying out the microblading technique. With Misty brow, you don’t have to worry about shaping or getting your eyebrows done right daily. It gives you the shape you want effortlessly and its results are semi-permanent. Getting the misty brow treatment will definitely cut your makeup ritual time in half and give you even better results than manual eyebrow shaping. All you have to do is just wake up to beautiful brows every day.

6HD Brow Embroidery
If you want a prettier, sexier version of your current eyebrows, then, the 6HD eyebrow embroidery technique is definitely for you. 6HD is the most advanced embroidery technique currently and it is constructed to imitate your real eyebrows as exact as possible. Pigments used in the process are skin-friendly, safe and easily absorbed by the skin. If you get your 6HD eyebrows done by expert eyebrow technicians, what you get is perfectly crafted natural looking eyebrows that does not look penciled or drawn. Colors used are close to your skin tone and hair color as much as possible to help achieve the natural look this technique aims for.

Creative Brow
Creative eyebrow embroidery is the first generation technique that is used to create defined eyebrows that are fully filled in with pigments of the same consistency. The result is a stronger pigmented brow. This technique is older than the other semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery techniques that are common today. It is also relatively cheaper than the other techniques.
This is a great choice for people who love strong and distinct brow features. For people who want eyebrows embroidery that last longer than 1 or 2 years, this is something that they would definitively love.

Combi Brow
Under the combi brow technique, the brows are made to look natural, fuller and made up. Unlike microblading which only helps you achieve natural looking brows without adding the makeup look effect, combi eyebrow technique combines the stroking method of microblading (which creates little hairs for a soft natural look) and shading (which gives your eyebrows the makeup look that you desire).
Combi brow combines misty brow and 6HD techniques to achieve a softer and natural blend of microblading while ensuring that gaps are not created between the strokes. The final look mimics full, powdered natural eyebrows
The beauty of the combi brow technique is that its effects are longer lasting than ordinary microblading (because of the shading technique included in the process)

Why eyebrow embroidery?

  • Top-quality natural color pigment is employed in the process
  • Perfect for people with balding eyebrows, thinning brow or sparse brows
  • Looks like natural, filled in brows
  • No need for after-treatment recuperation or recovery. Normal activities can be resumed after treatment (except for swimming which needs a two-week break period so that the results of the treatment are not affected in any way)
  • Can last for a year with simple touchups and maintenance work

The beauty of eyebrow embroidery is that; it allows you express your unique personality. Unlike tattooed brows which are permanent, eyebrow embroidery techniques are semi-permanent; this gives you the freedom to switch up your look every one or two years. While permanent tattooed brows can cause trauma to the skin and has a high risk of infection, this is not the case with eyebrow embroidery; processes are non-invasive as much as possible and the risk of skin trauma is drastically minimized.